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 Product:Measures:abcdeOrder number: EUR
incl. 19%
Streetbike-Handlebar from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Streetbike-Handlebar7555060301257006 LN 61piece56,4967,22
Superbike-Handlebar from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Superbike Handlebar, high740105120901807780 LN 11piece56,4967,22
Superbike Handlebar, smalll6608090602007790 LN 18piece52,9563,01
Superbike Handlebar, small, strong cranked68085125552007791 LN 19piece56,4967,22
Superbike Handlebar, small710751051002107007 LN 43piece56,4967,22
Superbike Handlebar760751051002607008 LN 44piece56,4967,22
Superbike Handlebar, black760751051002607098 LN 44, schwarzpiece56,4967,22
Superbike Handlebar, wide810751051003107011 LN 45piece60,3371,79
Superbike Lenker, high8701351201502007053 LN 46piece60,3371,79
 Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1")


Superbike Handlebar760751051002607034 LN 44 HDpiece59,4170,70
Superbike-Handlebar, black760751051002607033 LN 44 HD schwarzpiece59,4170,70


Superbike Handlebar, wide810751051003107035 LN 45 HDpiece61,3172,96
  Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch for cables (For all HD from 82 up)
Superbike Handlebar760751051002607029 LN 44 HD MKpiece65,1577,53
Superbike Handlebar, wide810751051003107058 LN 45 HD MKpiece68,0881,02
Superbike Handlebar, wide, black810751051003107057 LN 45 HD MK schwarzpiece68,0881,02
Superbike-Handlebars, high, black 8701351201502007059 LN 46 HD MK schwarzpiece68,0881,02
 Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch and 3 holes for inside wiring (For HD 82 up)
 For this handlebars exist a technical report with an addition for 3 hole cable inside wiring
Superbike Handlebar, wide810751051003107139 LN 45 HD 3LLpiece90,83108,09
Superbike Handlebar, wide, black810751051002207140 LN 45 HD 3LL schwarzpiece90,83108,09