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 Product:Measures:abcdeOrder number: EUR
incl. 19%
Handlebar from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Classic and stylish handlebar, high830250170230 2807806 LN Bpiece48,1557,30
Chopper Handlebar7452002001502507787 LN 17piece48,1557,30
Chopper Handlebar 755180230752407795 LN 23piece48,1557,30
Handlebar, medium high and wide9901252201302307798 LN 40piece55,2565,75
Handlebar, flat and wide990901951602357141 LN 41piece50,8060,45
Handlebar, flat and wide92060150252207054 LN 42piece46,3055,10
Handlebar, flat and wide95085165902107190 LN 48piece50,8060,45
Handlebar, flat, wide, strong cranked865851302201907188 LN 50piece50,8060,45
Hb., flat, wide, extreme strong cranked88595325-252557108 LN 54piece57,1067,95
Hb., medium high, wide, strong cranked10201602751203957110 LN 56piece55,2565,75
 Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1")
Handlebar, medium high and wide 9952002101503907207 LN 34 HDpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, medium high and wide, black9952002101503907069 LN 34 HD schwarzpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, flat and wide92060150252207055 LN 42 HDpiece48,1557,30
Handlebar, low and wide, black92060150252207070 LN 42 HD schwarzpiece48,1557,30
Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch for cables (for all HD from 82 up)
Classic and stylish handlebar8302501702302807818 LN B HD MKpiece52,6562,65
Handlebar, medium high and wide9952002101503907209 LN 34 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, Design like HD E-Glide8851652551453707210 LN 35 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, Design like HD E-Glide, black885165255145307071 LN 35 HD MK schwarzpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, flat, wide, strong cranked101070290902757038 LN 36 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, flat, wide very strong cranked10501203502002507016 LN 37 HD MKpiece75,5089,85
Handlebar, medium high and wide9901252201302307799 LN 40 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, flat and wide990901951602357142 LN 41 HD MKpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, flat and wide92060150252207056 LN 42 HD MKpiece52,6562,65
Handlebar, flat and wide93090200801957185 LN 49 HD MKpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, medium high and wide10001701502202307146 LN 53 HD MKpiece59,4570,75
Hb., flat, wide, extreme stronk cranked88595325-252557147 LN 54 HD MKpiece75,5089,85
Hb., medium high, wide, strong cranked10201602751203957149 LN 56 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, medium high, strong cranked8651552351203057150 LN 57 HD MKpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, medium high and wide8651552452052807023 LN 58 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, medium high and wide, black8651552452052807072 LN 58 HD MK schwarzpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, flat and wide95065115-102007099 LN 59 HD MKpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, low and wide, black95065115-102007077 LN 59 HD MK schwarzpiece59,4570,75
Handlebar, Classic high9052801952102607125 LN 60 HD MKpiece66,3078,90
Handlebar, Classic high, black9052801952102607124 LN 60 HD MK schwarzpiece66,3078,90
 Handlebars from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1") with 4 Slots for inside wiring together with hollow studs Risers
Handlebar, flat, wide, very strong cranked10501203502002507061 LN 37 HD 4LLpiece91,30108,65
Handlebar, medium high and wide9901252201302307067 LN 40 HD 4LLpiece76,6091,15
Handlebar, flat and wide92060150252207068 LN 42 HD 4LLpiece72,3586,10
Handlebar, low and wide, black92060150252207066 LN 42 HD 4LL schwarzpiece72,3586,10
Handlebar, medium high and wide8651552452052807022 LN 58 HD 4LLpiece76,6091,15
 Classic and stylish Handlebar, high8302501702302807815 LN B HD MK 3LLpiece72,3586,10
 Classic and stylish Handlebar, high, black8302501702302807816 LN B HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece72,3586,10
 Handlebar, medium high and wide9901252201302307807 LN 40 HD MK 3LLpiece76,6091,15
 Handlebar, medium high and wide, black9901252201302307808 LN 40 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece76,6091,15
 Handlebar, low and wide92060150252207197 LN 42 HD MK 3LLpiece72,3586,10
 Handlebar, low and wide, black92060150252207198 LN 42 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece72,3586,10
 Handlebar, medium high and wide8651552452052807025 LN 58 HD MK 3LLpiece76,6091,15
 Handlebar, medium high and wide, black8651552452052807026 LN 58 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece76,6091,15
 Handlebar, Classic high9052801952102607126 LN 60 HD MK 3LLpiece76,6091,15
 Handlebar, Classic high, black9052801952102607127 LN 60 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece76,6091,15
 * marked handlebars without TÜV technical report!