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 T-Bar Handlebars
 T-Bar handlebar with thread in the vertical tubes (hole distance 100 mm). The handlebars are mounted with a screw on the triple tree. The screw must be mounted from below through the triple tree inside the vertical handlebar tubes. For some motorcycle models we have mounting kits, for other models you have make the mounting like the description of the TÜV-technical report.
T-Bar Handlebar Ø 22 mm 800225160100M 107958 T-Bar 1piece170,80203,25
T-Bar Handlebar Ø 25,4 mm 800225160100M127950 T-Bar 1 HDpiece170,80203,25
 Mounting kits
 Monting kit for T-Bar Handlebar Honda VT 125 Shadow7966 MK HO VT 125 Shadowpiece33,7340,14
 Mounting kit for T-Bar Handlebar Honda VT 750/1100 C2, Suzuki VZ 800 Marauder and Yamaha XV 1600 Wild Star7979 MK HO VT 750/1100 C2piece22,4526,72
 Mounting kit for T-Bar Handlebar Yamaha XV 250/535 and XV 750/1100 Virago7991 MK YA XV 250/535piece22,4526,72
 Mounting kit for T-Bar Handlebar Yamaha XVS 650/1100 Drag Star and XVS 650 Drag Star Classic7965 MK YA XVS 650/1100 DSpiece33,7340,14
 Mounting kit for T-Bar Handlebar Yamaha XVS 1100 Drag Star Classic7993 MK YA XVS 1100 DSCpiece22,4526,72