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MSP-Lenker with ABE

For the MSP-Handlebars with ABE exists a use list with models of Chopper, Cruiser, and Classic Bikes from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha.

 Product:Measures:abcdeOrder number: EUR
incl. 19%
 CrackBars from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch for cabels (for all HD from 82 up)
CrackBar, 800 mm wide, black8001202406240 MSP-RL-1-B1-B-A-C schwarzpiece61,8573,60
CrackBar, 850 mm wide8501102606151 MSP-RL-1-B1-B-B-Bpiece61,8573,60
CrackBar, 850 mm wide, black8501102606152 MSP-RL-1-B1-B-B-B, schwarzpiece61,8573,60
 CrackBars from tube 31,75 mm Ø (1 1/4") with butted grip ends 25,4 mm Ø (1") and 5 holes for inside wiring
CrackBar, 850 mm wide8501102606161 MSP-RL-1-B2-F-B-Bpiece128,70153,15
CrackBar, 850 mm wide, black8501102606162 MSP-RL-1-B2-F-B-B, schwarzpiece128,70153,15
 CustomBars from tube 25,4 Ø (1"), with notch for cabels (For all HD from 82 up)
CustomBar, high, black80090115801606241 MSP-RL-1-A3-B-A-C schwarzpiece71,6085,20
CustomBar85060100301706159 MSP-RL-1-A1-B-B-Bpiece68,9582,05
CustomBar, black85060100301706160 MSP-RL-1-A1-B-B-B, schwarzpiece68,9582,05
CustomBar, high85090100601856149 MSP-RL-1-A3-B-B-Bpiece71,6085,20
CustomBar, high, black85090100601856150 MSP-RL-1-A3-B-B-B, schwarzpiece71,6085,20
CustomBar85060100-101706147 MSP-RL-1-A1-B-B-Cpiece68,9582,05
CustomBar, black85060100-101706148 MSP-RL-1-A1-B-B-D, schwarzpiece68,9582,05
 Race Bars from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch for cabels (For all HD from 82 up)
RaceBar85060100501706153 MSP-RL-1-D1-B-B-Cpiece68,9582,05
RaceBar, black85060100501706154 MSP-RL-1-D1-B-B-C, schwarzpiece68,9582,05
 ZBar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch for cabels (For all HD from 82 up)
ZBar, low, black80070110402656242 MSP-RL-1-Z1-B-A-C schwarzpiece139,45165,95
ZBar,high, black800110110802656243 MSP-RL-1-Z2-B-A-Cpiece142,35169,40
ZBar, low8507090402856155 MSP-RL-1-Z1-B-B-Bpiece139,45165,95
ZBar, low, black8507090402856156 MSP-RL-1-Z1-B-B-B, schwarzpiece139,45165,95
ZBar, high85011090802856157 MSP-RL-1-Z2-B-B-Bpiece142,35169,40
ZBar, high, black85011090802856158 MSP-RL-1-Z2-B-B-B, schwarzpiece142,35169,40