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incl. 19%
 LSB-Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1") with notch for cables and 3 holes for inside wiring (For all HD from 82 up), (1 Long hole 13 x 30 inside the wire notch and 1 Long hole 13 x 40 between the mounting Points
Six Bend-Handlebar, low7902701151807722 LSB 3 HD MK 3LLpiece72,6586,45
Six Bend-Handlebar, low, black7902701151807723 LSB 3 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece72,6586,45
Six Bend-Handlebar, middle high8053201152307724 LSB 4 HD MK 3LLpiece74,7588,95
Six Bend-Handlebar, middle high, black8053201152307725 LSB 4 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece74,7588,95
Six Bend-Handlebar, high8203701152807726 LSB 5 HD MK 3LLpiece77,9092,70
Six Bend-Handlebar, high, black8203701152807727 LSB 5 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece77,9092,70
Six Bend-Handlebar, low7602751652007830 LSB 6 HD MK 3LLpiece78,9593,95
Six Bend-Handlebar, low, black7602751652007831 LSB 6 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece78,9593,95
Six Bend-Handlebar, middle high7803251702407832 LSB 7 HD MK 3LLpiece80,8096,15
Six Bend-Handlebar, middle high7803251702407833 LSB 7 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece80,8096,15
Six Bend-Handlebar, high8003751802707834 LSB 8 HD MK 3LLpiece83,1598,95
Six Bend-Handlebar, high, black8003751802707835 LSB 8 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece83,1598,95
 * marked handlebars without TÜV technical report!