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 Product:Measures:abcdeOrder number: EUR
incl. 19%
ULZ Handlebar from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Z-Bar7502501101752407803 UL Zpiece48,1557,30
 LZR Handlebar from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Z-Handlebar, high, above roundet, black7202801402452407797 L ZR 2 schwarzpiece113,15134,65
 LZR Handlebar from 25,4 mm Ø (1") with notch for cables and 3 holes for inside wiring (For all HD from 82 up), (1 Long hole 13 x30 inside the wire notch and 1 long hole 13 x 40 between the mounting Points)
 ULZ Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1")
ULZ Handlebar, low7703001752307695 ULZ 2 HD MK 3LLpiece68,9582,05
ULZ Handlebar, low, black7703001752307696 ULZ 2 HD MK 3LL schwarzpiece68,9582,05
ULZ Handlebar, high7704001753307697 ULZ 3 HD MK 3LLpiece71,3084,85
ULZ Handlebar, high, black7704001753307698 ULZ 3 HD MK 3LL schwarzpiece71,3084,85
 LZR Handlebar from 25,4 mm Ø (1")
Z-Handlebar low, above round770150951207800 L ZR 3 HD MK 3LLpiece128,40152,80
Z-Handlebar low, above round, black770150951207801 L ZR 3 HD MK 3LL schwarzpiece128,40152,80