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incl. 19%
Clamps from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Clamps282657994 LS N2 28pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black282657675 LS N2 28, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps302657990 LS N2 30pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black302657676 LS N2 30, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps322657992 LS N2 32pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black322657677 LS N2 32, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps332657997 LS N2 33pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black332657678 LS N2 33, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps342657944 LS N2 34pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black342657688 LS N2 34, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps352657995 LS N2 35pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black352657679 LS N2 35, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps362657946 LS N2 36pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black362657680 LS N2 36, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps372657945 LS N2 37pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black372657681 LS N2 37, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps382657998 LS N2 38pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black382657682 LS N2 38, schwarzpair95,34113,45
 Clamps, grip ends from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Clamps392657638 LS N2 39pair95,34113,45
392657639 LS N2 39, schwarzpair95,34113,45
Clamps412657640 LS N2 41pair95,34113,45
Clamps, black412657641 LS N2 41, schwarzpair95,34113,45
 Clamps, grip ends from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1") with notch and long hole for cable inside wiring
 Inclusive technical report for registration pursuant § 19/2
Clamps492907645 LS N2 49 HD MK 1LLpair115,60137,56
 Clamps, black492907646 LS N2 49 HD MK 1LL, schwarzpair115,60137,56