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 Product:Measures:abcdeOrder number: EUR
incl. 19%
Handlebar from tube 22 mm Ø (7/8")
Classic Handlebar like BMW /5 models6506070552007191 LN 1piece56,8567,65
Streetbike and side car Handlebar, tube 22 x 37506085552007087 LN 2 (22 x 3)piece60,3371,79
Classic touring Handlebar like BMW /66601051051102007194 LN 4piece60,3371,79
Touring Handlebar, medium high7651451751152457195 LN 5piece61,9873,76
Touring Handlebar7452351652202507781 LN 12piece61,9873,76
Touring Handlebar7301201051401607784 LN 14piece61,9873,76
Classic touring Handlebar like KA Z 650 F730901201101607793 LN 21piece60,3371,79
Classic touring Handlebar like BMW R 80 G/S, R 80 RT/ST, R 100 RT7102001352601807794 LN 22piece61,9873,76
Classic touring handlebar like YA SR 5008001201551501707060 LN 25piece61,9873,76
Touring Handlebar710110801001757080 LN 26piece60,3371,79
Touring Handlebar7451701501551757204 LN 27piece61,9873,76
Handlebar, flat and wide920100110702507202 LN 33piece61,9873,76
  Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1")
Handlebar, flat and wide920100110702507201 LN 33 HDpiece65,8278,33
 Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch for cables (for all HD from 82 up)
Handlebar, flat and wide920100110702507208 LN 33 HD MKpiece75,1589,43
Handlebar, flat and wide, black920100110702507215 LN 33 HD MK schwarzpiece75,1589,43
 Handlebar from tube 25,4 mm Ø (1"), with notch and 3 holes for inside wiring (For HD 82 up) (1 long hole 13 x 30 in the cable and 1 long hole 13 x 40 in the middle of mounting place)
 For this handlebars exist a technical with an addition for 3 hole inside wiring
Handlebar, low and wide920100110702507217 LN 33 HD MK 3LLpiece96,32114,62
Handlebar, low and wide, black920100110702507219 LN 33 HD MK 3LL, schwarzpiece96,32114,62