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 Product:Fits for:Order number: EUR
incl. 19%
 For Kawasaki ER 5 Twister, (ER500A/B-D) 2001-2006
Engine Guard7629 MS KA ER 5pair120,05142,86
 For Kawasaki Zephyr 550/750, (ZR550B)/(ZR750C) 1991-1999 und ZR-7, (ZR750F) 1999-2003
Engine Guard7628 MS KA Zephyr 550/750pair120,05142,86
Engine Guard, black7626 MS KA ZR-7pair120,05142,86
Luggage Carrier, blackZR-77627 G KA ZR-7piece150,91179,58
 For Kawasaki ER 6n (ER650A) 2005-2008
Engine Guard, black7674 SE KA ER 6npair161,16191,78
 For Kawasaki ER 6n/f, (ER650C + EX650C) 2009-2011
Engine Guard, black7671 SE KA ER 6n Bj. 09pair161,16191,78
 For Kawasaki Versys, (LE650C) 2010-2014
Engine Guard, black7700 SE KA Versys Bj.10pair161,16191,78
 For Kawasaki Versys 650, (Versys/15) 2015-
Engine Guard (3 point mounting), black7648 SE KA Versys Bj. 15pair161,16191,78
 For Kawasaki Vulcan S (EN650) 2015-
Protection Guard, black7683 D KA Vulvan Spair208,38247,97
Baggage Holder, black7684 P KA Vulcan Spair95,04113,10
Rearrack, black7685 RR KA Vulcan Spiece130,66155,49
Sissy Bar, made tube of tube, with pad and carrier, black7686 RG KA Vulcan Spiece236,31281,21
Driver Sissy Bar with pad and carrier, black7687 FRG KA Vulcan Spiece292,13347,63
 For Kawasaki W 650, (EJ650A) 1999-2006 and W 800, (EJ800A) 2011-2016
Protection Guard one piece6021 D KA W 800piece161,16191,78


Baggage Holder6022 P KA W 800pair94,18112,07
Luggage Carrier6023 G KA W 800piece150,91179,58
Adapter for "Deco Cover Injection system left" (for Mounting of "Deco Cover Injection system left" on the right side)W 8006026 ZBA KA W 800piece34,3440,86
Deco Cover Injection system leftW 8006027 ZB1 KA W 800piece43,6851,98
Deco Cover Set, belowW 8006029 ZB3 KA W 800pair66,8079,49
 For Kawasaki Z 650 (ER650) 2017- and Ninja 650 (EX650) 2017-
Engine Guard, blackZ 6507701 SE KA Z 650 Bj. 17pair161,16191,78
Baggage Holder, black7702 P KA Z 650 Bj. 17pair95,04113,10
Luggage Carrier, black7704 G KA Z 650 Bj. 17piece150,91179,58
 For Kawasaki Z 750 (ZR750J) 2004-2006 and Z 1000, (ZR1000A) 2003-2006
Engine Guard, black7673 MS KA Z 750/1000pair120,05142,86
 For Kawasaki VN 800, (VN800-A) 1995-2000 and VN 800 Classic, (VN800-B) 1996-2005
Protection Guard pair7667 D KA VN 800pair208,38247,97
Fender GuardVN 800 Classic7664 RL KA VN 800 Classic Bj. 00piece134,20159,70
Lightbar for additional HeadlightsVN 800 Classic7706 LH KA VN 1500 Mean Streakpiece69,3682,54
 For Kawasaki VN 900 Classic, (VN900B) 2006-
Protection Guard one piece from 38 mm tube7615 DGX KA VN 900 Classicpiece267,73318,60
Lightbar for additional Headlights7619 LH KA VN 900 Classicpiece69,3682,54
 For Kawasaki VN 900 Custom, (VN900C) 2007-
Protection Guard one piece from 38 mm tube, black6030 DGX KA VN 900 Custompiece267,73318,60
Baggage Holder, blackVN 900 Classic, VN 900 Custom7614 P KA VN 900 Classic, schwarzpair95,04113,10
Rearrack, black6031 RR KA VN 900 Custompiece130,66155,49
Sissy Bar with pad and carrier, black6032 RG KA VN 900 Custompiece236,31281,21
 For Kawasaki Z 900 (ZR90) 2017-
Luggage Carrier, black7712 G KA Z 900 Bj. 17piece150,91179,58
 For Kawasaki Z 900 RS () 2018-
Protection Guard, black7255 SE KA Z 900 RSpair193,92230,76
Luggage Carrier, chrome (including reflector transfer)7256 G KA Z 900 RSpiece150,91179,58
Baggage Holder, chrome (including reflector transfer)7257 P KA Z 900 RSpair95,04113,10
Seat Border, chrome7258 SU KA Z 900 RSpiece96,01114,25
Handhold, chrome (fits left and right)7259 HG KA Z 900 RSpiece37,5844,72
Sheet metal for transfer of the rear lateral reflectors7260 Reflektorhalter KA Z 900 RSpiece24,1028,68
 For Kawasaki ZRX 1100/1200/S (ZRT10C) 1997-2006
Engine Guard, black7630 MS KA ZRX 1100/1200 schwarzpair120,05142,86
 (By ZRX 1100 the engine gurads will only fit by models where on the left side the holder of the hose of the cooler is screwed on the frame. If the holder of the hose is welded on the engine gurads will not fit.)
 For Kawasaki VN 1500 Classic, (VNT50D) 1996-2002
Lightbar for additional Headlights 7706 LH KA VN 1500 Mean Streakpiece69,3682,54
 For Kawasaki VN 1500 Mean Streak, (VNT50P) 2002-2003 und VN 1600 Mean Streak, (VNT 60B) 2004-2008
Protection Guard one piece from 30 mm tube7703 DG KA VN 1500 Mean Streakpiece234,67279,26
Rearrack7705 RR KA VN 1500 Mean Streakpiece130,66155,49
Lightbar for additional Headlights7706 LH KA VN 1500 Mean Streakpiece69,3682,54
For Kawasaki VN 1600 Classic, (VNT60A) 2003-2008
Protection guard, one piece from 30 mm tube7710 DG KA VN 1600 Classicpiece234,67279,26
Baggage Holder7711 P KA VN 1600 Classicpair95,04113,10
 For Kawasaki VN 1700 Classic (VNT70E) 2009-
Protection Guard one piece from 38 mm tube6010 DGX KA VN 1700 Classicpiece267,73318,60
Baggage Holder6011 P KA VN 1700 Classicpair95,04113,10
Fender Guard6014 RL KA VN 1700 Classicpiece134,20159,70
Sissy Bar, made of tube, with pad and carrier6016 RG KA VN 1700 Classicpiece236,31281,21
Lightbar for additional Headlights6019 LH KA VN 1700 Classicpiece69,3682,54