Superbike-Handlebar 810 mm wide, black

Superbike-Handlebar 810 mm wide, black

Handlebar Ø 25,4 mm (1") with notch for cables and 3 holes for inside wiring


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For this handelbars, there is a technical report with one addendum for the 3 hole cable inside wiring

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Auf Lager / In Stock

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Technical dimensions: Measured with handlebars in vertical position (dimensions in mounting position may vary greatly)

a 810 Width
b 75 Height at the end of the outer bend
c 105 Depth to rear
d 100 Height at end of grip
e 310 Measured at intersection of tube outer edges

Dimensions in mounting position: (Dimensions may vary depending on handlebars and mounting).

75 Height
125 Depth to rear (Pullback)

Other dimensions:

205 Maximum handle length
166 Maximum clamp width
120 / 60 Width of knurling (outside / inside)

Technical Report

Additional information

Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 82 × 17 × 6 cm


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